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Master Tung's Acupuncture (MTA): Foundamental and Advanced


Initially, Master Tung's Acupuncture was a closely guarded oral tradition, exclusively passed down within the Tung family. Breaking with this tradition in 1962 in Taipei, Master Tung accepted his first disciple from outside the family. In 1973, he authored his first textbook, 'Dong Shi Zhen Jiu Zheng Jing Qi Xue Xue' (董氏针灸正经奇穴学), translated as 'Tung’s Extraordinary Acupoints on Ordinary Channels'. This was a culmination of his experience, intended for educational purposes. Today, it stands as one of the most sought-after and esteemed schools of acupuncture. Studying MTA is particularly beneficial because it offers: 1. A novel understanding of points from the first acupuncture classic, 'Huang Di Ming Tang Jing' (Yellow Emperor's Bright Hall Classic), 2. Direct effects on targeted organs, tissues, and pathogens, e.g., ovary point, liver gate, 3.Strong effects as 2 or 3 acupoints are selected in the same area simultaneously, e.g., Si Ma (Three Horses) for various lung diseases, 4. A limited number of points, usually in two regions, combined based on the Sheng-ke theory of the five elements. 5. Smart location between channels, meaning one point can regulate two channels. 6. MTA points are notably effective in treating pain and chronic organ disorders, including a combination of deficiency and excess conditions, such as asthma, Bi-syndrome, and gynecological disorders." The course bundle includes: 95 study hours in total, 3.5 ECTs MTA foundation, 25 hours Lung-metal System, 14 hours Kidney-water System, 7 hours Liver-wood System, 7 hours Heart-fire System, 7 hours Spleen-earth System and Six Fu Organs, 7 hours Pain in the Spine and Extremities, 7 hours Shen (Mental and Neurological) Disorders, 7 hours Gynecology, 7 hours Your access information for our e-Learning system, available at, will be sent to the email address you used for registration within 2 working days. To ensure you receive our communication, please also check your spam folder.

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