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Tuina Workshop

Tuina, or Chinese medical massage, is a treatment in which a therapist uses his/her body, mostly fingers and elbows, to treat a client.

Tuina Workshop
Tuina Workshop

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21. apr. 2023, 09.30 – 23. apr. 2023, 16.30

SGTCM, Tomberger Str. 27, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

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Language: English

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Tuina, or Chinese medical massage, is a treatment in which a therapist uses his/her body, mostly fingers and elbows, to treat a client. Tuina is regarded as an external treatment like acupuncture and moxibustion. In China, It is widely used to relax the body, arrest muscle pain, regulate channels, and promote rehabilitation. This course will cover 1) the general introduction of Tuina, 2) 17 common techniques with hand-to-hand training, 3) Gongfa (功法) i.e. body strength and Qi exercise, 4) clinical use to treat commonly encountered conditions e.g. headache, frozen shoulder, sciatica, and 5) combination of Tuina to other methods e.g. acupuncture, herbal alcohol, plaster, cupping etc.

Day 1


1.     Introduction and History of Tuina, Research

2.     Gongfa exercise incl. Zhan Zhuang (standing),  Ba Duanjing Medical Qigong, Finger and Wrist training

3.     Swing Tekniques incl. Gun Fa (滚法Rolling), Yi Zhi Chan Fa  (一指禅法One Finger Meditation)


1.     Repeat Gun Fa, and Yi Zhi Chan Fa

2.     Gongfa exercise

3.     Rou Fa (揉法Kneading)

4.     Pressing Techniques incl. An Fa (按法Pressing), Dian Fa (点法Digital Pressing)

5.     Nie Fa (捏法Pinching), Nie Ji (捏脊Spine Pinching) in Pediatrics Tuina

Day 2


1.     Repeating Day 1

2.     Gongfa

3.     Na Fa (拿法Grasping)

4.     Hitting Techniques incl. Dian Kou (点扣法Point Taping)


1.     Pai Fa (拍法Patting)

2.     Ji Fa (击法Beating)

3.     Friction Techniques: Mo Fa (摩法Rubbing), with massage oil, Pferdsalbe, baby powder etc.

4.     Tui Fa (推法Pushing)

5.     Gongfa

6.     Cha Fa (擦法Wiping)

7.     Cuo Fa (搓法Foulage)

8.     Shaking and Vibrating Techniques: Dou Fa (抖法Shaking) and Zhen Fa (震法Vibrating)

9.     Joints Movement Technique: Yao Fa (摇法Moving)

Day 3


1.     Repeating all the 17 techniques

2.     Gongfa

3.     Summerize of indication, contraindication, and functions of Tuina treatment

4.     Head and face problems e.g. headache, insomnia


1.     Neck, shoulder, and arm diseases

2.     Lower back, and leg diseases

3.     Gongfa

4.     Internal diseases e.g. digestion, gynecology or other conditions, based on questions from the students

5.     Tuina and other methods e.g. acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Guasha

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