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Dr. Hui Zhang, Ph.D

Hui Zhang, Ph.D med of Chinese Medicine

Chengdu University of TCM (China)

Licensed Chinese Medicine Physician and Acupuncturist (China)

Lecturer, Akupunkturakademiet (Denmark), and Chengdu University of TCM (China) 

Registered Acupuncturist (RAB) (Denmark) 

Member of PA (Praktiserende Akupunktører) , (Denmark)

Clinic in Denmark

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Education and Training

09/2014~06/2017 Ph.D of Clinical Medicine (Chinese Medicine) Chengdu University of TCM, China
05/2016 Training Program: 1st Session of Expression Art Therapy, Chengdu, China
05/2013 Training Program: Writing Research Paper in English, Beijing, China
09/2012 Training Program: Diagnosing Sleep Disorders, Beijing, China
09/2009~07/2011 MA, Clinical Medicine (Oncology) Chengdu University of TCM, China
10/2008~06/2009, learned TCM Dermatology with Professor Wu Jun (吴军)
06/2006/~12/2007, learned TCM Gynecology with Professor Qi Suzhen(齐素珍
09/2004~ 07/2009 BA, Chinese Medicine Chengdu University of TCM and Sichuan University, China

Working Experiences

08/2017~ AkupunkturAkademiet Denmark, Full-time Teacher and Acupuncturist
6/2016~08/2017 University Clinic of CDUTCM (Chengdu), Physician and Acupuncturist
10/2012~07/2017 Chengdu Xinlin Chuntang Clinic, Physician and Acupuncturist
07/2012~07/2017 Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Teaching Faculty
07/2012~07/2013 Sichuan Acupuncture School Part-time Teacher
06/2011~06/2012 Cancer Department, Sichuan Provincial Hospital of Chinese and Western Medicine Residency Doctor
06/2009-10/2010 Cancer Center (Head and Neck), West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Internship


Hui Zhang applies various acupuncture methods depending on individuals condition including, TCM acupuncture, WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture, AAP (arm acupressure point), Master Tung’s Acupuncture, Military Pingheng Acupuncture, pestle needles (Taoist Acupuncture), Heat Sensitive Moxibustion, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), Guasha, Cupping, Electricity Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine Psychology, etc. He also uses Evidence-based methods in practice.  He has good experience in treating following disorders:

  1. Pain: neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, knee pain, PMS, etc.

  2. Skin Disorders e.g. acne, chloasma, eczema, urticaria, itching, psoriasis, solar dermatitis, neuro-dermatitis, neuropathy

  3. ENT, Eye, and Mouth Disorders: loss of smelling after corona, allergic rhinitis, otitis, tinnitus, pharyngitis, eye inflammation, dry eyes, retinopathy, aphtha, toothache, mouth and tongue ulcers, etc.

Additionally, he has also satisfactory experience in treating depression, anxiety, low libido, premature ejaculation, low sperm activity, and cancer treatment-related disorders.

Research and Publications

Academic and Media Publication

Research Gate | Google Scholar


  1. Zhang Hui. Ba Duan Jin Medicinsk Qi Gong – Kunsten at dyrke sin Qi. AkupunkturAkademiet.


  1. Zhang Hui. Bamai Qigong. Aarhus: Heyttu Academic Publishing, 2020, link to Amazon (English) and Heyttu Shop (Danish)

  2. Zhang Hui. Extraordinary Acupoints: Atlas of Applications. Aarhus: Heyttu Academic Publishing, 2021, link to Heyttu Shop (in Denmark) and Amazon (other countries)

English Papers

  1. Japaries W, Wen B, Zhang H. Pestle Needle (Chu Zhen) Treatment for Neck Pain. Medical Acupuncture, 2022, April, 5

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German Papers

  1. Zhang H. Qi defensivum (Wehrenergie, weiqi): Moderne Anwendung auf Basis der „Abhandlung über schädigende Kälte (algor laedens)“ (Shanghan lun) und der Lehre von morbi temperati (Wärme-Erkrankungen, webbing). Chinese Medicine. 2023 Feb 22:1–11

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  6. Zhang H. Einführung in die Pingheng-Akupunktur (balance acupunctcture) als ergänzende Methode [J]. Chinesische Medizin, 2016,3:162-163.

中文文章 (Chinese Papers)

  1. 张辉 . 中医调护SD孕鼠PTSD“胎损”的表观遗传机制研究. 成都中医药大学,2017, 博士论文.

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Projects and Funds

  1. Holder of “Establishing the System of Music Therapy in Psychological Health based on Psychology in Chinese Medicine”, sponsored by the Sichuan Education Bureau

  2. Holder of “Application of “Pensiveness Overcoming Fear” in Intervening Maternal Fear on SD Rats Offsprings”, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

  3. Holder of “Mechanism of Psychological Nursing Approach Intervening the Birth Deficit due to Maternal Fear Stress on SD Rat: Reward Circuit”, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

  4. Participant of “the Epigenetics Study of Visceral Manifestation (Zang Xiang) and Kidney-Deficiency-Pedigree: Kidney Is the Prenatal Root of Life”, sponsored by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)

  5. Participant of ” The Immunologic Mechanism on Warm Needle Treating KOA with the Syndrome of Kidney Yang Deficiency based on TLR2 Signaling Pathway”, sponsored by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)

  6. Participant of ” The Epigenetics and Behaviors Study on Chinese Medicine Treating Rat Fetus Injuries”, sponsored by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)

  7. Participant of “Systemic Review on Acu-point Massage Treating Geriatric Insomina”, sponsored by the Sichuan Education Bureau

  8. Participant of “Qigong Intervening Geriatric Hypertension”, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

  9. Participant of “Applying Medicinal Plaster on Acu-point to Improving Geriatric Functional Constipation”, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

  10. Participant of “Chinese Music Regulating Insomnia of PMS Patients, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

  11. Participant of “PBL Teaching Pattern in the Lab Teaching of Nursing, sponsored by the Fund of Chengdu University of TCM

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