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Acupoints for schizophrenia


A research team from China performed a system review to discover the potential acupoints to treat schizophrenia​(Wang et al. 2020)​. In total, 49 clinical trials with 51 acupuncture prescriptions were included. DU20, PC6, DU29 (Yintang), ST36, SP6, LI4, LR3, ST40, HT7, EX-HN-1 (Sishencong), DU24, and DU26 were the most frequently used acupoints. The Du channel was the most commonly selected. Acupoint combinations of DU20 and DU29, DU20 and LI 4, DU20 and PC6, and DU20 and ST36 were frequently used. Overall, 30 acupoint combinations achieved confidence levels of 60–100%, with 11 showing >80% confidence. DU24 to > DU20, LI4, and DU29 to > DU20 showed the highest confidence.

Wang, Xiaotong, Haixiong Lin, Kangju Li, Tao Huang, Xiumin Jiang, Shengwei Wu, Aixiang Xiao, Lin Yu, and Yongjun Chen. 2020. “Acupoints with Potential to Treat Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review and Data Mining Analysis.” European Journal of Integrative Medicine, August, 101143.

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