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Acupuncture Treatment of Visceral Pain Associated with IBS

A research team from New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine found that the literature strongly indicates that acupuncture, by stimulating points located on the dermatomes proximal to the spinal level of the area where the sympathetic outflow of the particular gut area affected by the pain is, can interfere with the efferent signal that transports information about the noxious stimuli and interrupt the “connectivity” between the gut and brain, and as a final result, reduce or stop IBS pain ​(Toossi et al. 2019)​.


Toossi, Vahideh, Aleksandar Zivaljevic, Bin Shi, and ElisaM S. Tam. 2019. “Treatment of Visceral Pain Associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Using Acupuncture: Mechanism of Action.” World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 181.

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