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Chinese herbal medicine for COVID-19: Current evidence with systematic review and meta-analysis


Chinese herbal medicine for COVID-19

A research team from Australia and the USA performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to summarize contemporary studies on the use of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) to treat COVID-19 (​(Fan, Gu, and Alemi 2020)​). They screened out 7 original studes from 6 databases  (PubMed/MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect, Google Scholar, Wanfang Data, and China National Knowledge Infrastructure), which enrolled 732 adults. The outcome indicated that that CHM, as an adjunct treatment with standard care, helped to improve treatment outcomes in COVID-19 cases.

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Fan, Arthur Yin, Sherman Gu, and Sarah Faggert Alemi. 2020. “Chinese Herbal Medicine for COVID-19: Current Evidence with Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” Journal of Integrative Medicine, September, 385–94.

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