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Chinese herbal medicine significantly improved the outcomes of IVF

A research team from Women’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China released their latest study on the effects of BSTJF (补肾填精方 Bu-Shen-Tian-Jing Formula) on the outcomes of IVF in Chinese patients with PCOS and the potential underlying mechanism. The study involved 111 patients with PCOS who had undergone IVF. Fifty-four patients received a three-month BSTJF herbal medicine therapy before controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, while the other 57 patients didn’t. BSTJF helped patients with PCOS to get more retrieved oocytes (P<0.05) and fertilized oocytes (P<0.05). The clinical cumulative pregnancy rate, live birth rate, and term delivery rate were significantly higher in the same stimulated cycle of the PCOS patients with BSTJF treatment (P<0.05). Therefore the team concluded that BSTJF significantly could improve the outcomes of IVF in Chinese patients with PCOS through decreasing Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in follicular fluids.

Basic components of BSTJF to treat PCOS

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