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Colectomy influences Chi pulse!

In the pulse diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, the Chi pulse (尺脉) can be used to diagnose the disorders of the lower Jiao (organs in the abdomen) including the kidneys, urine bladder, large intestine, small intestine, uterine, prostate gland, etc. A research team from Taiwan investigated 30 patients with colorectal cancer who performed colectomy. They found out that a significant reduction of the radial augmentation index at the right Chi pulse, and a significant difference in the spectral energy at the right Chi and Cun pulses after colectomy.

Chuang et al. Colectomy influences the radial pulse parameters of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis in patients with colorectal cancer. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, available online 20 February 2020, 101067, In Press,

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