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Five Basic Movements of Sun Style Taichi

My first video with Aarhus Global Media

Master Sun Lutang and Sun Style Internal Kung-fu

Master Sun Lutang (孙禄堂)(1860-1933) was a renowned master of Chinese internal martial arts and was the founder of Sun style Taichi. He was also considered an accomplished Neo-Confucian and Taoist scholar (especially in the I Ching) and was a distinguished contributor to the theory of internal martial arts.

He was also well-versed in two other internal Kungfu: Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) and Bagua Zhang (Pakua or Eight Trigram Palm) before he came to study Taichi. His expertise in these two martial arts was so high that many regarded him as without equal. Sun learned Wu style Taichi from Hao Weizhen. Sun started studying with Hao relatively late in his life, but his accomplishments in the other two internal arts led him to develop his own Taichi style to a high standard more quickly than is usual. Sun style Taichi has the advantages of Ba Gua and Xing Yi. Master Sun Lutang described his Tai Chi as using stepping method of Ba Gua, leg and waist methods of Xing Yi and the body softness of Taichi.

Sun Style Taichi employs a higher stance, less kicking, and punching, all movements have the same tempi, and a very strong Qigong emphasis, which makes it’s possible and easier for people with a weak body or older age and avoids any damage to the knee joints.

Qi Shi (start) Lan Za Yi Kai He Shou Yun Shou Shou Hui Pi Pa

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