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Great masters of acupuncture of modern times, Part 2: Cheng Shennong and He Puren

Cheng Shennong

Cheng Shennong 程莘农

He Pu Ren

He Pu Ren 贺普仁

The second part of the series paper on great acupuncture masters (Cheng Shennong and He Pu Ren) is now alive with Chinesische Medizin, one of the leading journal on Chinese Medicine published in German.

Abstract of the article.

In the second part of this article, the author Zhang Hui presents the valuable experience gathered by two more leading acupuncture experts of modern times: Cheng Shennong and He Puren. The author’s intention is to draw readers’ attention to new approaches and to give them practical possibilities which will enhance their clinical competence.

Cheng Shennong (1921–2015) was the founder of the six principles of treatment for acupuncture: Supplementing (bu), Draining (xie), Warming (wen), Cooling (qing), Raising (sheng) and Lowering (jiang). Following the approach adopted in the compilation of prescriptions in Chinese phytotherapy, Prof Cheng developed various methods of selecting and combining acupuncture points. He also gave his attention to the needling techniques to be used for supplementing and draining.

He Puren (1926–2015) developed three methods of opening/freeing channels; he also described ways of selecting and combining suitable acupuncture points. Further aspects of his work were acupuncture with bleeding and fire needling.

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