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Great masters of acupuncture of modern times, Part I: Wang Leting and Guo Chengjie

Wang Leting (王乐亭)

Guo Chengjie (郭诚杰)

Recently, I just published an introduction paper on two great acupuncture master Wang Leting (王乐亭) and Guo Chengjie (郭诚杰) with Chinesische Medizin, one of the leading journal on Chinese Medicine published in German.

Abstract of the article.

In this two-part article I present the valuable experience gathered from four leading acupuncture experts of modern times with a view to showing readers new ways of thinking and to giving them practical possibilities which enrich their clinical competence. In this first part of the article, he describes the background and the therapeutic approaches of the two acupuncture practitioners Wang Leting and Guo Chengjie; in the second part he introduces Cheng Shennong and He Puren.

Master Wang Leting (1895–1984) has focused his attention intensively on the needle-insertion technique of puncturing and on the treatment of paralysis and atrophy resulting from injury to the brain and the spinal cord and from other chronic illnesses. He has also composed numerous prescriptions for acupuncture treatment of a variety of illnesses and was one of the co-initiators of the first paraplegia protocol which includes acupuncture and moxibustion treatments for atrophy and paraplegia arising from injury to the brain and the spinal cord.

Guo Chengjie (1920–2017) has made a significant contribution to the treatment of breast illnesses and to disorders of the Penetrating Vessel (s. impedimentalis, chongmai). One of the main focuses of his work has been the acupuncture treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia whereby, in his view, the Penetrating Vessel (s. impedimentalis, chongmai) plays the primary role in the pathological mechanism of mammary gland hyperplasia. He has developed a variety of approaches for the treatment of the condition as well as composing different acupuncture prescriptions.

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