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Hospitalized Patients with Urinary Retention

A research team from Peking Union Medical College Hospital reported carried out a clinical trial that enrolled 113 hospitalized patients with urine retention​(Chen et al. 2020)​. They applied DU20, RN6, RN4, RN3, ST28, SP6, SP9, and auricular (bladder and urethra) points. Supplementary acupoints were established as follows: (1) ST36 for qi deficiency, (2) LR3 for liver qi stagnation, and (3) KI3 for kidney essence deficiency.

The results suggested that acupuncture should be considered as an alternative treatment for urinary retention in clinical practice, and the repeated insertion and removal of urinary catheters should be avoided.

Free access to the article.

Chen, Suhui, Hua Sun, Hong Xu, Yamin Zhang, and Huanyuan Wang. 2020. “Effects of Acupuncture on Hospitalized Patients with Urinary Retention.” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, January, 1–7.

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