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Madopar plus acupuncture improves motor and non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease patients

from European Journal of Integrative Medicine

A research group​(Xu et al. 2020)​ from Southern Medical University, Southern Theater Command General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University carried out the multicenter randomized controlled trial. They found that the integrated therapy (acupuncture+madopar) showed a greater advantage with earlier non-motor symptom improvement and acupuncture had a certain long-term effect for Parkinson’s disease patients.

The clinical trial enrolled 76 PD patients from three hospitals, who were randomized into an acupuncture group (acupuncture + Madopar, n = 38) and a control group (Madopar, n = 38). The acupuncture treatment of Jin’s Three-Needle therapy included GV17 (Naohu), GB19 (Naokong), Sishenzhen and temporal three-needle. Once the patients felt Deqi, electroacupuncture (EA) apparatus with continuous waves at alternating low 100 Hz frequency was added. Acupuncture was applied 4 days per week with 30 min per day, and the whole trial contained 2 courses (four-week as a course i.e. 16 times) of treatment. The evaluation included the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), modified Webster Scale, Parkinson’s Disease Sleep Scale (PDSS) and Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS).

The treatment group showed greater improvement to the control group at the end of treatment courses and held to follow-up. All scales differed at each time point (P < 0.05) except for UPDRSIV and SDS in the control group (P > 0.05). Scores of the modified Webster Scale and SDS were significantly different between the two groups from Week 4 (P < 0.05), as were other scales except for UPDRSII and UPDRSIII from Week 8 (P > 0.05). No serious drug- or acupuncture-related adverse events and complications were recorded.

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Xu, Yiwen, Xiaowen Cai, Shanshan Qu, Jiping Zhang, Zhinan Zhang, Zengyu Yao, Yong Huang, and Zheng Zhong. 2020. “Madopar Combined with Acupuncture Improves Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease Patients: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.” European Journal of Integrative Medicine, January, 101049.

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