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Three Qigong Practice to Prevent Covid-19

Bamai Qigong i.e. eight channels Qigong refers to the combination of the Eight Trigrams, Eight Brocades Qigong, and the eight extraordinary channels in Chinese Medicine. The Eight Brocades Qigong was induced to the hospitals in Wuhan and other cities for the infected patients with mild symptoms and those who are isolated at home. Once Qi is enhanced, Wei-defensive Qi works better to prevent infections from external pathogens including viruses. Qigong practice can also be used to release anxiety, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

1. Primary Standing-Hun Yuan Zhuang

In the primary standing, the body is adjusted, and deep breathing is trained. In this way, the Qi (breathing in the beginning) can be guided and circulated in a free way.

2: Lift the arms to the heaven to lift Sanjiao

Sanjiao regulates the Qi of Shaoyang. Shaoyang is the dynamic energy in the body and related to immunity. Shaoyang Sanjiao sends the resource from the kidney, spleen, and lungs to the exterior and supports the Wei-defensive Qi.

3. Lift arm to regulate the spleen and stomach

The spleen and stomach generate Guqi which is the middle resource of the Wei Qi. This practice can lift the spleen’s clear Qi and sink the stomach’s turbid Qi. Thus, a better dynamic of the spleen and stomach can be achieved.

4. Draw bow and shoot “eagle” to open the lung Qi

The Lung Qi controls the exterior including the skin, body hair, and Wei Qi. The Lung Qi is also regarded as the upper resource of the Wei Qi. In this practice, the lung’s capacity can be improved, leading to a better movement of the Zong Qi. Thus, the Qi dynamic of the whole body can also be strengthened.

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