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Tuina increase the therapeutic effect of acupuncture in migraine treatment

A research team from China reported recently that acupuncture combined with Tuina could significantly increase the therapeutic effect of acupuncture in migraine treatment.A prospective, randomized controlled assessor-blind clinical trial was performed between January 2017 and May 2018, and 135 patients were assigned into group A:acupuncture +Tuina (A),Group B: only acupuncture, and Group C:control with flunarizine hydrochloride), each with 45 patients. Treatments were performed for 12 weeks and a 4-week follow-up. Frequency of attacks, severity of pain, duration of migraine, associated symptoms, patient-reported outcome (PRO) scores, and frequency of analgesic consumption were assessed. Results: The total effective rate was 95.6, 88.9, and 75.6% for group A, B, and C, respectively, with a significant reduction in attack frequency, severity of pain, duration of migraine, and associated symptoms at post-treatment and follow-up compared to pre-treatment. The PRO scores and frequency of analgesic consumption were significantly improved (group A, p < 0.01; groups B and C,p < 0.05). The differences in pre-/post-treatment and in pre-treatment/follow-up in groups A and B were significantly improved compared to group C (A vs. C, p < 0.01; B vs. C, A vs. B, p < 0.05). No significant adverse events occurred.


(1) main points: Yintang, ST8, Taiyang, GB8, GB20, DU20, GB11

(2) modification

  1. Qi and blood deficiency: LI4, DU23, ST36, SP6

  2. Damp/phlegm: RN12, ST40, SP9

  3. Hyperactive Liver Yang: LR3, KI3, GB43

  4. Blood stasis: PC6, SP10, BL17

Acupuncture treatment was performed twice a week in the first 4 weeks, once a week during weeks 5-8, and once every 14 days during weeks 9-12.

Tuina Treatment

Tuina was performed after acupuncture treatment. With the patient in sitting position, Tuina was performed along the 7 lines from Yintang to DU16, BL2 to BL10, Yuyang to GB20, SJ23 to GB12, with both hands applying pushing, rubbing, pressing or kneading for 10 min.


Nie L, Cheng J, Wen Y, Li J. The Effectiveness of Acupuncture Combined with Tuina Therapy in Patients with Migraine. Complementary Medicine Research. 2019;26(3):180-92.

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