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Wangbuliuxing Ear Seed Pressing found effective to promote uterine involution

Wangbuliuxing Ear Seed Pressing fundet effektiv til at fremme livmoderinvolution

A research team relaesed there latest finding to assess the efficacy and safety of auricular acupressure AA for uterine involution after cesarean section. The study involved 109 women who underwent cesarean section participated in this study.  

The acupressure protocol included five points including the monaural kidney, spleen, liver, internal genitalia, and central rim, embedding and taping the Wang Bu Liu Xing seed to the auricle at 2 h postpartum, and applying acupressure for 1-2 min each time, thrice daily. Treatment was administered every other day. During each treatment, both ears were pressed alternately, for a total of two treatments.

Both groups were treated for 3 d. At a fixed time in the morning, during the middle and evening of each day, the physician invited each patient from the two groups to the treatment room and pressed the auricle with the same force. If the patient realized that it was intolerable, the intervention was halted in time. The interaction time was equal between the two groups.

Result and Conclusion

The uterine size at 42 days after a cesarean section was 6.3 cm smaller in the real AA group than in the sham AA group (P<0.01). The incidence of hydrometra on day 42 postpartum was lower in the real AA group than in the sham AA group (P<0.01). The lochia duration and the first anal exsufflation time after cesarean section were shorter in the real AA group than in the sham AA group (P<0.05). Therefore, AA improves uterine involution after cesarean section.


Wang et al. Auricular acupressure promotes uterine involution after cesarean section: A randomized controlled trial. Integrat Med Res, 2021, in press

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