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What is damp heat? Evidence from fecal-associated microbiome study

Zhen et al​(Zhen et al. 2020)​ explored the structural and functional characteristics of the fecal-associated microbiome (FAM) in damp heat constitution and screen FAM-related biomarkers of DH constitution. They research team identified unique FAM structural characteristics in damp heat constitution, which might involve in changes in lipid metabolism and susceptibility to lipid metabolic dysfunction. The 4 screened specific operational taxonomic unit (OTUs) could be used as potential biomarkers of damp heatconstitution to assist clinical diagnosis.

Zhen, Jianhua, Pengfei Zhao, Yini Li, Lu Zhao, Guangrui Huang, and Anlong Xu. 2020. “Structural and Functional Characteristics of the Fecal-Associated Microbiome in Dampness-Heat Constitution.” European Journal of Integrative Medicine, June, 101166.

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