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Xing Qi Ming or Inscription on Guiding Qi

the earliest archaeological subject of Qigong

According to archaeological research this jade piece of Xing Qi Ming or Inscription on Guiding Qi is an ornament dating back to the Warring States (475-221 B.C.). It’s also the earliest archaeological subject with the record of Qigong practice. The words on the jade has been deciphered as follows:

In order to guide Qi, the body need to take in (Qi), store (Qi), stretch(Qi), sink(Qi), stabilize(Qi), consolidate(Qi), understand(Qi), growth(Qi), return(Qi), lift(Qi), connect heaven (Qi) with the upper i.e. Baihui-DU20, and connect earth (Qi) with the lower i.e. Yongquan-KI1. If the the sequence is followed, the body is healthy, or if the sequence is not followed or reversed, the body is unhealthy.

xing qi ming


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