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Yam against aging

山药 (Shan Yao)i.e. Chinese Yam (Dioscoreae Rhizoma), one of the well-known traditional edible and medical homologous food, has been used to treat various diseases for a long time. It supplements Qi of the lung, spleen, and kidney. Thanks to the mild nature, it can be used as a diet supplement for long-term use. It could be better to use it every day than other tonifying herbs e.g. ginseng, astragalus, radix rehmanniae, etc. Read more on it’s indications here.

A research team from China reviewed the pharmacological properties and possible application of Chinese Yam for the treatment of senility and cancer. They concluded that Chinese Yam was used to treat aging-related diseases through a complex network. Its key active compounds could inhibit tumor proliferation and metastasis, regulate metabolism and promote nerve repair through regulating the expression of targets(MAPK3, HADC3, HADC1, RXRA, STAT3, etc.) via multiple pathways, Notch signaling pathway, EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance, PI3K-Akt signaling pathway, etc.

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