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Advanced MTA: Lung-metal System

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Dive into an in-depth exploration of the Metal-Lung system's physiology and pathology, a pivotal component of our study in Modern Tung Acupuncture (MTA). This module is meticulously structured to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this crucial system. 1. In-Depth Physiology and Pathology: We begin with a concentrated summary that delves into the intricate workings and potential dysfunctions of the Metal-Lung system, laying a solid foundation for practical applications. 2. MTA Points Selection: Discover carefully curated MTA points specific to the Metal-Lung system. This selection is designed to optimize your treatment strategies, enhancing both understanding and efficacy. 3. Treatment Protocols: Learn specialized protocols for treating common lung system ailments. These include influenza, asthma, COPD, dyspnea, long-term respiratory issues, and related skin disorders. Our focus is on practical, effective treatments you can apply in clinical settings. 4. Case Studies and Research: Enrich your learning with real-world case studies and cutting-edge research. These elements bring theory to life, demonstrating the impact and application of MTA in various clinical scenarios.



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MTA: Foundamental and Advanced

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