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Jin’s Three Needles 

Jin’s Three Needle (J3N) points combinations or formulae, also called three-points needles was summarized by professor Jin Rui (靳瑞 1932-2010) from 1979 (Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine).

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J3N is one of the state-recognized programs for continuous acupuncture education. There are 39 carefully selected points combinations based on Prof. Jin's 50 years of experience.  J3N is regarded as a representative acupuncture and moxibustion school that originated in Guangdong province, south China. Now it has been expanded to whole China, used in hundreds of acupuncture departments in hospitals. J3N is regarded as the most popular and practical acupoints combination or formula.

In learning herbal medicine, there is a subject called “Styles of Different Schools” (中医各家学说), e.g. Cold Damage School, Warm Disease School, Earth-supplementing School, Pathogen-removing School, Yin-nourishing School, Cooling School, which cover the significant masters' thoughts and experiences. But in the field of acupuncture and moxibustion, this subject has not been established yet. In China, acupuncture schools or styles differ in various regions. The represisentive schools are Lingnan (岭南派South), Hai (海派, Shanghai), Jing (京派, Beijing), Xiebei (西北, North West), Chuan (川派South West), etc. Each school has its style and special techniques. The priceless thoughts and experiences of those master acupuncture clinicians will definitely enlighten our clinical practice. The precious essence of J3N is the combination of the points. Actually, J3N can be used as the fundamental points structure of most diseases. With certain modifications, J3N can be a useful and effective clinical tool.

2 Days Course

Date: Feb 11 and Feb 12, 2023

Location: Munich

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Duration: 1 hour

Date: 20:00 - 21:00, 8/11, 2022

Platform: Google Meet

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