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Mosquito bite

When a mosquito bites you, it pierces the skin using a special mouthpart (proboscis) to suck up blood. As the mosquito is feeding, it injects saliva into your skin. Your body reacts to the saliva resulting in a bump and itching.

Read more on Mosquito Bite on CDC's Website

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Acupuncture Treatment for Mosquito Bite 

Acupuncture treatment can be an effective method to relieve symptoms associated with mosquito bites. When it comes to mosquito bites, itching and swelling are the most common symptoms. Traditionally, there are several conventional methods to relieve these symptoms, such as the use of ice, antihistamines and topical creams. But acupuncture can be a natural, drug-free alternative that can help reduce discomfort.


During an acupuncture treatment for mosquito bites, an experienced acupuncturist will first evaluate the patient's condition and symptoms. The needles will then be placed in specific acupuncture points, e.g. KI6, LI11, Baicongwo, which can help reduce itching, swelling and inflammation. In other words, the points can be connected to the immune system, the blood circulation and the lymphatic system  (Mi et al, 2022)..


Clinical evidence supports the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of itch. In particular, acupuncture can relieve histamine-induced itch, refractory uremic pruritus and neurogenic pruritus (Chen and Lin, 2018).


Although these studies provide some indication that acupuncture may be beneficial in the relief of post-mosquito bite symptoms, it is important to note that further research is needed to confirm these findings and understand the precise mechanism of action behind acupuncture in this context.


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