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Die E, a special modern extraordinary point for rhinitis and sinusitis

Updated: Jan 3

Die E
Die E

1. About Die E (蝶額) Sphenopalatine

The acupoint is located on the sphenopalatine ganglia. It is a modern EA found by Prof. Li Xinwu (李新吾) after successful treatment for more than 1000 patients with allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, nasosinusitis, etc. (Zhang et al., 2013).

2. Location of Die E

In the depression slightly anterior to Xia Guan - ST7, under the lower border of the zygoma

3. Manipulation

The patient opens the mouth. Insert slightly slowly 1.5-2 cun. The patient should feel like an electricity flash or the opening of nose blocking, indicating the needle reaches the sphenopalatine ganglia. Then slightly puncture the ganglia two times and withdraw the needle.

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4. Category


5. Indications

Various nose diseases e.g., allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, loss of smell of long-covid.


Zhang L, Yang W, Wang KJ, Li XW. Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 2013, 33(6):495-496.

Read more on the book Extraordinary Acupoints by Dr. Hui Zhang

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