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Infertility, Succeeded after 5 Acupuncture Treatment

Master Tung’s Acupuncture Points were combined to treat infertility patient ! Start treatment on 10.10, pregnant on early December!

Mrs. Chen, F, 32

10.10.2018/First Treatment


She tried to get pregnant for 5 months, didn’t work. She had twice irregular periods in May and August due to travelling to south America and hiking on 3000 KM mountain. Her periods usually last 7 days, and regular, all gynecological tests were negative in Denmark. She caught cold frequently and had tonsillitis frequently, fever too. She sleeps well, has normal appetite and bowel movements, and frequent urination during daytime, but no urination during night. She feels cold hand and foot fingers.

Good emotion (don’t believe it, because her eyes looks unhappy, and face telling me she is pretending to be OK).

Tongue: red tip

Pulse: moderate, slight wiry on right cun

Diagnosis: Shaoyin (Kidney) Minister Fire Fails to Sink and Qi blockage in channels

Points: SP6, LR3, Fu Ke and Huang Chao (Master Tung’s Acupuncture)

Explanation: SP6 and LR3 generations fluids to draw down the minister fire. Fu Ke and Huan Chao removes blockage and promote fertilization.

17.10.2018/Second Treatment


she had leucorrhea on 14. and 15. 10 (could be the ovulation), also had sciatica sometimes.

Pulse: left moderate, deep Chi, right slightly wiry on Cun.

Tongue: pink tongue body, red tip, thin coat

Diagnosis: Shaoyin (Kidney) Minister Fire Fails to Sink, rebelling to hurt lung and Qi blockage in channels

Points: SJ5, GB41, LU7, Left Ling Gu (Master Tung Point, tender point)

24.10.2018/Third Treatment


The sciatica pain was reduced, rest (-)

Pulse: right wiry, slightly thin and tight, esp. on the Cun, left slightly weak

Tongue: pink tongue body, red tip, thin coat

Treatment: SJ5, GB41, Shen Guan (Master Tung), Di Huang (Master Tung), San Chong (Master Tung)

Explanation: Shen Guan and Di Huang nourish kidney xu fire/sink minister fire, SJ5 and GB41 regulate Qi circulation, San Chong remove blockage (breast myoma)

Comments: see previous post

Wiry Pulse on Cun Position, Unhappy Eyes, Telling You Stress and Breast Myoma which the patient Denied at First

more comments see

14.11.2018/Fourth Treatment


Her periods came from 2 Nov to 7 Nov, slightly pain, larger volume, fresh color, basic temperature avg. 36.5 degree, slept well, good emotion, good appetite, frequent urination remains, no night urination. the feeling of distention inside the breast is gone. tongue: slight pale and red tongue body (just had meal), pulse: left moderate, right: wiry diagnosis: Minister fire fails to descend, and kidney water xu treatment: KI3, SP6, GB41, SJ5

Explanation: KI3 and SP6 supplement water, GB41 and SJ5 lowers the minister fire

21.11.2018/Fifth Treatment


The base temperature didn’t change, last month temperature ascended for 0.5 degrees, this month no change at all (maybe wrong way to test the temperature), emotion is good, sleep well, urination remains, cold fingers, sometimes itching skin, occasionally pain inside breasts, no pain for the last two periods, normal appetite, normal stool.

Tongue: red tongue body

Pulse: left moderate, right less wiry

diagnosis: Minister fire fails to descend, and kidney water xu treatment: Fu Ke, Huan Chao, SP6, LR3, LR8

SP6 and LR3 supplement water indirectly (KI3 directly) , Fu Ke and Huang Chao promotes the fertilization.

She sent me a message on 14.12, 2017 and told me she was pregnant!

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