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WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture

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The scalp acupuncture originates on the meridian theories and modern anatomy and physiology of the brain. The WHO Proposal was published in 1991 (links). The effectiveness has been validated by tens of thousands of acupuncture practitioners, researchers, and patients.

The Scalp Acupuncture has a wide indication: brain-derived or neurological diseases (stroke, paralysis, hemiplegia, aphasia, tinnitus, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington disease, dementia, etc.), headache, eye diseases, ear-nose-throat diseases, pain, psychologic and psychiatric diseases, and other diseases.

The Scalp Acupuncture (SA) consists of 14 lines as well as the underlying functional zones of the brain. It proposed the following nomenclature, using the alphabetic code MS (derived from “micro-system” and “scalp point”).

English name and locationPinyin nameHan character nameAlphanumeric codemiddle line of forehead 1 cun from GV24 straight down along the meridianézhongxiàn额中线MS1lateral line 1 of forehead 1 cun from BL3 straight down along the meridianépángxiàn I额旁线 IMS2lateral line 2 of forehead 1 cun from GB15 straight down along the meridianépángxiàn II 额旁线 II MS3lateral line 3 of forehead 1 cun from the point 0.75 cun medial to ST8 straight downépángxiàn III 额旁线 III MS4middle line of vertex from GV20 to GV21 along the midline of headdingzhongxiàn顶中线MS5anterior oblique line of vertex-temporal from qiánshéncong (one of the four acupuncture points collectively designated as Ex-HN1, 1 cun anterior to GV20) obliquely to GB6dingniè qiánxiéxiàn顶颞前斜线MS6posterior oblique line of vertex-temporal from GV20 obliquely to GB7dingniè hòuxiéxiàn顶颞后斜线 MS7lateral line 1 of vertex 1.5 cun lateral to middle line of vertex, 1.5 cun from BL6 backward along the meridiandingpángxiàn I顶旁线IMS8lateral line 2 of vertex 2.25 cun lateral to middle line of vertex, 1.5 cun from GB17 backward along the meridiandingpángxiàn II 顶旁线IIMS9anterior temporal line from GB4 to GB6nièqiánxiàn颞前线MS10posterior temporal line from GB8 to GB7nièhòuxiàn颞后线MS11upper-middle line of occiput from GV18 to GV17zhenshàng zhèngzhongxiàn枕上正中线MS12upper-lateral line of occiput 0.5 cun lateral and parallel to upper-middle line of occiputzhenshàng pángxiàn枕上旁线MS13lower-lateral line of occiput 2 cun from BL9 straight downzhenxià pángxiàn枕下旁线 MS14

Scalp Acupuncture Lines

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