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WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture

Updated: Jan 3

MS1-MS4 of WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture
MS1-MS4 of WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture

1. History of WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture, rooted in meridian theories and modern brain anatomy and physiology, gained recognition with the WHO's 1991 proposal. Its efficacy is affirmed by many practitioners, researchers, and patients worldwide.

Scalp acupuncture addresses a broad spectrum of conditions: neurological and brain-origin diseases (including stroke, paralysis, hemiplegia, aphasia, tinnitus, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington's disease, and dementia), headaches, eye disorders, ear-nose-throat ailments, pain, psychological and psychiatric disorders, among others.

2. 14 Linary Acupoints of WHO Standard Scalp Acupuncture

This system comprises 14 lines and corresponding functional brain zones. It introduces a nomenclature using the alphanumeric code MS (derived from 'micro-system' and 'scalp point'), as follows:

  1. MS1: Middle Line of Forehead – 'É Zhōng Xiàn' (额中线): Located 1 cun from GV24, extending straight down along the meridian.

  2. MS2: Lateral Line 1 of Forehead – 'É Páng Xiàn I' (额旁线 I): 1 cun from BL3, descending along the meridian.

  3. MS3: Lateral Line 2 of Forehead – 'É Páng Xiàn II' (额旁线 II): 1 cun from GB15, moving straight down.

  4. MS4: Lateral Line 3 of Forehead – 'É Páng Xiàn III' (额旁线 III): Begins 0.75 cun medial to ST8, descending directly.

  5. MS5: Middle Line of Vertex – 'Dǐng Zhōng Xiàn' (顶中线): From GV20 to GV21 along the head's midline.

  6. MS6: Anterior Oblique Line of Vertex-Temporal – 'Dǐng Niè Qián Xié Xiàn' (顶颞前斜线): From qiánshéncong to GB6, obliquely.

  7. MS7: Posterior Oblique Line of Vertex-Temporal – 'Dǐng Niè Hòu Xié Xiàn' (顶颞后斜线): From GV20 obliquely to GB7.

  8. MS8: Lateral Line 1 of Vertex – 'Dǐng Páng Xiàn I' (顶旁线 I): 1.5 cun lateral to the vertex's middle line, extending from BL6 backwards.

  9. MS9: Lateral Line 2 of Vertex – 'Dǐng Páng Xiàn II' (顶旁线 II): 2.25 cun lateral to the vertex's middle line, from GB17 backward.

  10. MS10: Anterior Temporal Line – 'Niè Qián Xiàn' (颞前线): From GB4 to GB6.

  11. MS11: Posterior Temporal Line – 'Niè Hòu Xiàn' (颞后线): From GB8 to GB7.

  12. MS12: Upper-Middle Line of Occiput – 'Zhěn Shàng Zhèng Zhōng Xiàn' (枕上正中线): From GV18 to GV17.

  13. MS13: Upper-Lateral Line of Occiput – 'Zhěn Shàng Páng Xiàn' (枕上旁线): 0.5 cun lateral and parallel to the upper-middle line of the occiput.

  14. MS14: Lower-Lateral Line of Occiput – 'Zhěn Xià Páng Xiàn' (枕下旁线): 2 cun from BL9, straight down.

Scalp acupuncture, through its intricate and comprehensive approach, offers a unique pathway to healing for a diverse range of health issues.

3. Course information for WHO Scalp Acupuncture

3.1. Free Online Program on Scalp Acupuncture

Free online course on WHO Scalp Acupuncture
Free online course on WHO Scalp Acupuncture

2. Webinar of Scalp Acupuncture

3. Blended Course

4. Scalp Acupuncture Course in Danish

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