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Z1.1 Wu Hu 五虎 Five Tigers (MTA)

Wu Hu - Five Tigers
Wu Hu - Five Tigers


Five acupoints on line B of the 1st section on the palmar surface of the thumb


Insert perpendicularly 0.2 cun.




Swelling and pain of the joints

(1) 1st acupoint for pain of the fingers (2) 2nd and 3rd for pain of the toes (3) 3rd for pain of the vertex, and also used to strengthen the effects of the other 4 acupoints (4) 4th for pain of the feet (5) 5th for pain of the heel


Wu Hu - Five Tiger is located on the hand Taiyin channel, which pairs with the foot Taiyin spleen channel.

Interestingly According to the Nine Regions of the Hand (Page 10), the H9 inkl. the thumb and hyperthenar belong to the Gen earth and are related to the spleen and stomach.

Nine Regions of the Hand
Nine Regions of the Hand

The indications belong to Bi-syndrome (arthritis, gout, etc.), which is usually caused by damp,cold, and wind. The damp causes the swelling, heaviness pain, restrained movement due to arthritis (joint pain). These acupoints also treat joint pain due to sports injury.

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