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Z1.5 Fu Ke 婦科 Gynecology (MTA)


Two acupoints on line E of the 1st section on the medial surface of the thumb


Insert perpendicularly 0.2 cun.




Gynecological diseases: uterus myoma, pelvic infection, irregular menstruation, abnormal leucorrhea, oviduct obstruction, infertility, premature ovarian failure, and abdominal distention


Interestingly, there are also categories of the extraordinary Fu organs in MTA. As mentioned in Z1.1 Wu Hu, the thumb i.e. H8 belongs to the earth region according to the Nine Regions of the Hand. Meanwhile, the points on the thumb also regulate the liver and the spleen. These two points are near He Gu – LI4, a primary point for gynecological disorders. Damp, the representative pathogen of Taiyin, is the most frequently encountered pathogen in the lower abdomen (lower Jiao). The spleen and liver channels run through the pelvic region and regulate the function of the uterus e.g., menstruation, pregnancy, and leucorrhea. San Yin Jiao - SP6, the meeting point of the liver, spleen, and kidney, can be combined to treat gynecological disorders.

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